About me

I am a Finnish osteopath and yoga teacher working in Mijas Costa and Fuengirola area.                                                          IMG_9673

Before osteopathy entered my life I was giving yoga classes and often my clients asked for advice for their ailments. This opened up in me a yearning to learn more about how the human body functions. I felt that while yoga is a wonderful way to maintain health, it’s not necessarily the most useful option for treating pre-existing conditions. I, however, desired to be able to help and when I first learned of osteopathy I was drawn to it. Studying osteopathy gives a comprehensive knowledge of anatomy and physiology and you treat using your hands, which sounded very appealing to me. I began the four-year-long full-time course at Metropolia University of Applied Sciences in Helsinki, Finland and graduated in the spring of 2017. The studies were demanding, but the journey into osteopathy has been ever inspiring. The journey continues and every patient brings an opportunity to learn something new.

In addition to osteopathy and yoga I have great interest in music, meditation, nature walks, dance and water sports. I have also studied Spanish and history of art at The University of Leicester in England and graduated in 2008. Art and interest in languages and different cultures remain still as part of my leisure time activities. I have also lived in Australia and my dream country, New Zealand for a couple of years during my youth. From that time I have taken with me a desire to live my life with a laidback attitude.


My study trips and additional training:

5/2018 Werner Van Camp, Biodynamic osteopathy Phase 1.  Switzerland

5/2018 Biobasics – From Dysfunction to Health – A Perceptional Journey. Switzerland

3/2018 Werner Van Camp, The treatment of children Training Program Based upon the Biodynamics of osteopathy. Swiss Osteopathic Center for Kids

2017 Helene Loiselle. Training by the Finnish association of osteopaths. The Osteopathic Mechanical Link –method

2017 Luc Van Eupen. Study trip to the Flanders School of Osteopathy in Poland. Osteopathy in the cranial field

2016 Lasse Maijala. Perception Training. A biodynamic approach

2016 Study trip to England to the European School of Osteopathy. Visceral, cranial and structural technique